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Annabelle’s Baby Shoot

June 11, 2014

So, as it’s actually sunny for a change Sun  I thought I would blog about something slightly different today.

This is Annabelle, and isn’t she just beautiful?  I was privileged to work with Annabelle during her first ever Baby shoot last week!

Yes, if you didn’t already know, I do a limited number of Baby shoots each year as well Surprised smile  

Please note though, I only work with quiet, really well behaved babies that qualify as cute and gorgeous. Not the crying, screaming constantly filling their nappies types! Winking smile 

So, as you will see, Annabelle falls under the quiet, gorgeous requirements, and here are just a few shots from our time together.

Apparently, I arrived just in time for “Baby Yoga” to begin Smile

Baby Shoot -4

Baby Shoot -1

Cute as cute can be .. Baby Shoot -2

Of course, whacking Mum on the face is totally allowed in the name of artistic creativity Winking smile Baby Shoot -3

Baby Shoot -5

Baby Shoot -7

Playing with Mum and Dad’s wedding rings is always good fun SmileBaby Shoot -8

Baby Shoot -9

Peek!Baby Shoot -10

Baby Shoot -11

What a complete poser!Baby Shoot -12

Oh sorry James .. was I supposed to be reading my book? … Oops!Baby Shoot -13

Baby Shoot -14

What an appropriate book you’ve got there Annabelle! PrincessBaby Shoot -15

Baby Shoot -16

Baby Shoot -17

and lastly, it was time for afternoon sleeps .. which meant I could place the rings on her wriggling little toes!Baby Shoot -19

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Diane and Billy were recently married at The Lochside Hotel – near Cumnock

This is really just a sneak peek for now, as I’m still working through the images, but I felt that I had to share just a few, of what was a fantabulous day!

Billy is a bit of a “Petrolhead” (like me) but the debate is still out as to whether Diane is actually a bigger car fan that we both are Surprised smile 

This may explain the various car images, just in case you (the viewer) was wondering what was going on Confused smile

So, without any further ramblings, here is a rather interesting shot of Diane.

The “bling” on her ring, is actually 100% real sun light .. and I actually debated as to whether to leave this in or not, as it’s so wild, it looks fake, but I assure you, it’s not!

 The Lochside Hotel-1

Ever wondered if it might be a good idea to have balloons at your wedding? .. this image might help you make your mind up

 The Lochside Hotel-1-2

and just a “few” car shots to finish off with for now .. Yes, it was a Ford Focus RS no less Devil

 The Lochside Hotel-2

I’m totally loving this shot! Red heart 

 The Lochside Hotel-3

I just had to do a “leaning” car mag style shot .. with an illuminated interior as well .. Smile

 The Lochside Hotel-4

Lastly, both cars had to be included .. well the Volvo was starting to feel left out!

 The Lochside Hotel-5

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