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Just a little sneak peek from the recent wedding of Pamela and Mark, who were married at Cornhill House Hotel which is located just outside of Biggar.

As a lot of you will know, I love shooting at Cornhill. Lovely scenery, great food, efficient staff, and above all, lots of photographic potential Smile Smile Smile  

The weather wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for, with squally, driving rain Umbrella and pretty wild winds, but as I always say, it’s what you make of it on the day. Pamela wasn’t exactly shy about going out into the elements, so without the slightest hesitation, the newly weds ran out into the gardens, and before I could even catch them, they were hugging under a tree and laughing their heads off!


It’s actually hard to believe just how wild it was looking at these images .. but suffice to say, I think it was really worth it… However .. I might be a little biased Winking smile

Cornhill has recently installed a new fountain, so we just had to go back out later and capture it. James Solly style of course Winking smile 

So, to begin with, this was the “Bridal” Pamela, you know? … the sensible one Winking smile James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-2

Then the not so sensible Pamela made an appearance ..


 James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-1

A quick Bridal group shot before heading to the ceremony James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-3

I love this one Red heartJames Solly Photography- Cornhill House-4

James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-5

We hid in the shelter of this tree as the rain was hitting the other side of it!  .. Yikes Surprised smile James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-7

Look at that sky!! .. and yes, it was still raining at this point Surprised smile James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-8

James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-6

James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-9

I’ve used this mirror lots of times before, but I don’t think I’ve done this before ..  James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-10

James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-11

James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-12

The new fountain ..

I’m really happy with this, even although the strong wind destroyed my infamous white brolly shortly after this was taken  Surprised smile 

James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-13

Finally, to finish the night off ..

James Solly Photography- Cornhill House-14

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I’ve just finished processing these two images from the recent wedding of Lynzie and Paul, who were recently married at St Patrick’s in Coatbridge and then had their reception at Cornhill House 

I absolutely love creating this type of image, is is so gentle, feminine, and yet conveys “wedding day” as soon as you see it.
The best time of the day to catch this is right after the Bride is completely ready, but yet, just before I leave to head off to the ceremony. 

It can be a very hectic part of the day of course, but if you can find the time, this is a great example of what can be done with just five minutes and a bit of guidance from myself Winking smile 

James Solly Photography-1-21    James Solly Photography-2-3

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