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Ohhh, it’s a blog post I hear you shout! Surprised smile

I know, I’ve been more of a “Facebook blogger” for 2013, but I’m going to try and get back to proper blogging, I promise!

So, starting off with the recent wedding of Brianna and Gordon, who had their fantastic ceremony at Glasgow University, and then, it was off to ARTA, a rather unique Mediterranean themed bar situated in the merchant city. Nice!  

It was a very typically Glaswegian wet, windy, and wild start to the day, so the boys quite rightly took shelter inside.. 

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-1

Meanwhile Brianna was taking shelter in the car!James Solly Photography - Glasgow-2

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-3

Pumpkins played a starring role during the day, which was appropriate given the time of the event Winking smileJames Solly Photography - Glasgow-4

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-5

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-6

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-7

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-8

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-9

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-10

Afterwards, it was off to the cloisters for a few very quick, but artistic shots Smile

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-11

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-12


James Solly Photography - Glasgow-13

   James Solly Photography - Glasgow-14

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-15

Arta really is a very nice place … you honestly could be sitting in a Spanish village Smile

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-16

I better put at least one pumpkin image on here, the boys put a lot of thought into them .. apparently Winking smile 

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-17

So, as the night went on, it started to get harder, and harder to tell who was .. err who? Just kidding

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-18

A few quiet minutes alone with each other, well okay, so I was there as well, but who’s counting?

 James Solly Photography - Glasgow-19

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-20

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-21

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-22

and finally, yes last thing at night, it was raining .. yet again! but so? who says that rain doesn’t make it that little bit special? Winking smile 

James Solly Photography - Glasgow-23


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Wedding Video Review!

June 24, 2012

Hi, and welcome to my blog. If you’re a relative newcomer to the site, I though that I’d “repost” a video review of my 2011 weddings .. just for those of you that might not have seen it.

Why? well it contains a fairly large number of shots from last year, and therefore it gives you a pretty good feel of what I’m all about…. so get watching!

I felt that it was really worth posting again, as a lot of people didn’t catch it at the end of last year .. and even if you did, well, I’m sure it’s worth watching again Winking smile

If you were a 2011 couple, did you spot your particular entry into the year in review? .. you’re all in there .. somewhere!


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